Polaroid’s latest instant camera blends old school usability with modern connectivity

Photography pioneer Polaroid is back with a modern spin on the analog instant camera. The company’s new Polaroid Now+ is the successor to the Polaroid Now point-and-shoot camera that launched last year, and its second new camera for 2021 following the Polaroid Go. It features an improved design alongside core features like dynamic flash, autofocus and a self-timer. There’s also a tripod mount to help steady your shots and a manual mode to go along with it, enabling exposures up to 60 minutes in length.

The connected camera links to the Polaroid app for Android or iOS, enabling even more creative tools like light painting, double exposure, manual mode and more. While the camera can be operated without a companion device, you’ll want to pair it with your mobile to get the most out of it.

Polaroid includes five physical lens filters in the box – starburst, red vignette, blue, orange and yellow, allowing users to alter images without digital effects. There’s even a handy zip-through pouch to keep them safe.

The Now+ utilizes Polaroid’s i-Type film, which can be quite pricey if you’re heavy on the shutter button. A single color i-Type film pack commands $15.99 and grants you just eight photos, although you can save a little bit of money by buying film in bulk.

The Polaroid Now+ carries a suggested retail price of $149.99 and is available in your choice of blue/gray, white or black colorways from today.