Little somethings to sweeten going back to school

Schools reopen this week in England, for those who send their children to school (shout out to the home-edders), which means the return of the alarm clock for those who were able to give it a sabbatical over the summer.

So let’s think about chocolate bars to ease this process. The first is a delicious (and just out) little treat in the form of Pierre Marcolini’s Praliné Noisette, £8, which is a heady combination of milk chocolate, praline that positively oozes out and Piedmont hazelnuts. It’s the sort of thing to pack in a bag and eat after the school run (for you, not your children). It’s indulgently messy, so bring some wet wipes to clean yourself up with afterwards.

Duffy has two excellent coffee offerings for a pick-me-up. His 45% cocoa Mochaccino bar, £5.65, shot right up into my top three favourite coffee chocolate bars. This has ground coffee beans in it for a wonderful bit of texture and was a firm favourite with my youngest. If you prefer your chocolate dark, try Duffy’s 72% Espresso, £5.80, which is as close as you’re going to get to a bar of chocolate and an espresso in one – superbly smooth and fortifying.

Something a bit different is Cox & Co’s 61% cocoa bar, £4, with bee pollen and honey (come on! Almost a health food). Dark chocolate with an unusual sweetness to it and a bit of crunch from the pollen – something to enjoy while sharpening those pencils.